My e-books

I have written a wide range of e-books, mini e-books and illustrated e-books to cover many areas of the EYFS and I regularly add new ones to my library. 

You can buy any of my e-books, mini e-books or illustrated e-books from my Knutsford Childminding website.

All of my library has been updated to contain the latest information from the EYFS. Here is a list of my e-books...


1 - Multicultural Activities for pre-school children planning - A planning e-book featuring group activity ideas for at least 2 multicultural and diverse celebrations and festivals for each calendar month.  An overview chapter looks in detail at how multicultural planning can be incorporated in daily routines - £7.99


2 - Daily diaries - 2 chapters - a childminder’s daily diary and a child’s daily diary layout - £4.99


3 - Religions of the world - Information about some of the world’s most popular religions, maybe for slightly older children and to inform your professional development - £4.99


4 - Behaviour management - 3 chapters cover positive behaviour management, techniques to support children who exhibit challenging behaviour and bullying advice - £4.99


5 - Risk assessments - Information about writing risk assessments (including sample templates), outings risk assessments and fire safety information.  This e-book also contains a comprehensive set of risk assessments for various areas of provision to help when writing your own - £6.99


6 - Outside play planning - Ideas for planning and resourcing your outside provision - and lots of ideas for outside games to support children to be fit and healthy - £4.99


7 - Music and rhymes planning - A song list with words to many children’s popular songs and rhymes and some group activity planning to support you to follow children’s interests and challenge their learning - £3.99


IEB 9 - Illustrated Nursery Rhymes - Lovely illustrations to go alongside planning (fully linked to the EYFS) and song sheets for some of the children’s best loved songs and rhymes - £7.99


8 - December celebrations planning - There are lots of different festivals to celebrate with the children in December. This e-book gives an overview of ideas for group planning during this busy month - £3.99


9 - Seasons planning - Group planning ideas to support children who are interested in learning more about each of the 4 seasons - £5.99


10 - People who help us planning - A comprehensive group planning e-book for this popular children’s theme - £3.99


IEB 3 - Illustrated people who help us planning - An illustrated version of e-book 10 for children who are visual learners.  This illustrated e-book contains 10 chapters of people who help us planned activity ideas and pictures for displays, discussion, singing, dancing and colouring all linked to the EYFS areas of learning - £7.99


11 - Books of the month planning 1 - Group themed planning for 12 popular children’s books - if you would like a list of contents please ask me - £3.99


12 - Books of the month planning 2 - Group themed planning for 12 more popular children’s books - if you would like a list of contents please ask me - £3.99


14 - EYFS observations - An overview of how to observe children,  how to link observations to the EYFS and use the Development Matters guidance document to support children’s learning and development.  I have also included sample observations paperwork - £4.99


15 - EYFS planning - An introduction to planning using the EYFS as a guide, activity planning ideas for each month of the year (linked to the EYFS) and paperwork samples to use in children’s Learning Journey files - £4.99


16 - Meeting the Standards of the EYFS - 2 chapters guide you through the revised Learning and Development and Safeguarding and Welfare requirements. Chapter 3 contains an inspection guide including comments from Ofsted reports on how to improve your chances of getting a higher Ofsted grade. Chapter 4 looks in detail at the revised themes of the EYFS and how you can use them in your day-to-day practice - £9.99.


17 - Play planning for under 3s - This very popular e-book gives hundreds of ideas for play for the little ones in your provision, all linked to the EYFS to support you when writing your planning - £3.99


18 - Self Evaluation Form (SEF) guides - My best selling e-book walks you through how to complete your Ofsted Self Evaluation Form and gives ideas for enhancing your provision now and in the future.  Now fully updated for the revised EYFS - £4.99


19 - Group themed planning -  a detailed introduction to writing group themed planning for the older children in your provision - £3.99.


20 - Senses planning - Group themed planning ideas for this popular children’s theme.  Chapter 2 is a ‘My Senses Book’ for children to complete as they are learning more about their senses - £3.99


21 - Healthy eating - A detailed overview of healthy eating guidance for pre-school children including meal ideas - £3.99


22 - Planning calendar - This years’ planning calendar with lots of activity ideas and website links - £4.99


23 - Continuous Provision planning - A detailed introduction to writing continuous provision planning for the older children in your provision - £3.99


24 - Safety checklists - This little e-book is in a question / audit format. It helps you focus on the things you need to write in your risk assessments - 3.99


25 - Paperwork and the EYFS - A guide to the essential paperwork needed for the EYFS - £3.99


26 - Every Child Matters - An introduction to the Every Child Matters agenda - £4.99


28 - Learning Journeys for the EYFS - Chapter 1 talks in detail about Learning Journey booklets / files and how to write them - chapter 2 gives you some sample paperwork to use in your Learning Journeys - £3.99


IEB 1 - Illustrated Learning Journey - A fully illustrated learning journey taking you from the child’s ‘All about me’ initial information form through to their last days in your care when you write their summary assessment to hand over to their next setting.  This is 10 chapters of illustrated information and forms to use with the children, set in Comic Sans - £9.99


IEB 5 - A year of my Learning Journey - This illustrated e-book gives you a whole year of documents which you can print off and use over and over again for all EYFS children. It contains monthly header sheets and many different formats of observation, planning and other paperwork... and everything is illustrated with lovely pictures from our friend Sarah at Knutsford Illustrations!

You can either put them in a loose leaf file or keep them safe and bind them. If you do not like one layout of paperwork... choose another, there are lots and lots of different formats! It is a totally flexible document.  I love this one and have made it with the intention of using it myself - £7.99


29 - Policies and Procedures - This e-book does not write your policies and procedures for you because they must be specific to your provision and the ways you work.  It supports you by giving ideas of what should feature in each P & P and guides you through the process of ensuring you have the correct P & Ps to work within Ofsted requirements - £4.99


30 - World Travellers planning - Turn your children into global adventurers following the planning ideas in this e-book. Travel from the plains of Africa to the valleys of Wales, stopping off at 15 other exciting global destinations on the way. Experience the multicultural delights of our world from the comfort of your playroom and garden... all you need to add are resources and a little imagination - £3.99


31 - Playing outside all year planning - My inspiration for writing this e-book came from a childminding friend who was groaning that she never knew what to do with the children outside in the cold weather. Planning ideas to help you tempt even the most reluctant children outside for daily play throughout the year - £3.99


32 - Schemas - A new focus of the revised EYFS is on how children learn. Many children learn using schemas (repeated patterns of play) - this e-book looks at the most common schemas and gives lots of activity ideas which you can use to challenge the children and share with parents - £3.99


33 - Childminding in Wales - Welsh Childminders have to comply with 21 Standards... I have looked at each in detail and, using plain English, given a range of ideas for improving your childminding practice that are easy to both implement and evidence for CSSIW at inspection time.  I have gone on to examine the Foundation Phase in detail and hope all Welsh Childminders will find the information helps them to easily implement and use the good practice the Foundation Phase contains in their work with children. This e-book has been fully proof read by 2 established Welsh childminders - £7.99.


34 - 7 areas of learning and development - A close look at how you can use each of the 7 areas of learning and development in your daily observations, assessments and planning of children’s play - £4.99


36 - Childminding in Scotland - This e-book has been written for Scottish childminders. The chapters are... 1 - Care Standards 1 - 3 and lots of other information about Childminding in Scotland; 2 - Care Standards 4 - 14; 3 - The CC inspection and SAF. It is a huge resource, written in detail like my English e-books... it has been proofed by a Scottish childminder who was graded 6 at her last inspection - £5.99.


37 - HACCP - If you work with other childminders or assistants or you employ a cleaner who comes during working hours you will need to write a HACCP file to show how you keep children safe and healthy - £4.99.


38 - Baskets and bags planning - A fun way to resource your play and learning environment using continuous provision and multicultural activities through the months - £3.99


39 - Engaging children - Tips for how to involve all children in their learning journey  - £3.99


40 - Risk assess the child - An inclusive look at how to support each child to stay safe depending on their age and stage of development - £3.99.


42 - Registration advice for new childminders - please see e-book 56.


43 - Play planning 3+ - Hundreds of ideas for play for the older children in your provision, all linked to the EYFS to support you when writing your planning - £3.99

44 - Listening to children - Taking account of the voice of the child is a very important part of what early years practitioners should aim to do on a daily basis. This e-book helps you to find ways, in your daily practice, to involve children and really listen to what they say... and to use observation to see what they are thinking and feeling - £3.99


45 - Transport planning - A comprehensive group planning e-book for this popular children’s theme - £3.99.


46 - Inclusion - conditions - Childminders care for children with a range of conditions from asthma to Williams Syndrome. We need to be confident that we can manage conditions and know where to turn in an emergency.

This e-book is a support manual for childminders who care for children with a range of common conditions and illness - £3.99.


47 - Equality Act 2010 - Childminders are required by law to work within the legal requirements of the Equality Act, which affects all early years providers. This e-book is in the format of an equality audit, which takes the reader through a series of questions designed to ensure equality and diversity - £4.99.


48 - Assistants - There are lots of things you must think about if you employ or are considering employing an assistant... I have covered them all in this e-book which has been regularly updated to help you comply with legislation as it changes - £3.99.


51 - Money Matters - This e-book covers money management, tax, national insurance etc - this is best advice available at the time of writing and includes sample documents for completing during the year to help you keep up-to-date with your accounts - £2.99. 


52 - Inclusion and the EYFS - All about inclusion and how it is reflected in the revised EYFS.  Chapter 2 is a full inclusion audit of provision to help you show evidence to Ofsted of how you ensure inclusion is high on your agenda - £4.99.


53 - Working with boys - Boys’ attainment (or lack of it) is high on the Government agenda. This e-book supports you to reflect on how your provision meets the needs of boys and suggests enhancements to help you make changes - £3.99.


54 - My Portfolio - Chapter 1 contains my current EYFS portfolio, updated to reflect the requirements of the EYFS. It is set out in alphabetical order.  Chapter 1 features a series of information sheets for parents, to help you share your ways of working with them - £4.99


55 - Safety through the year - A look at various safety themes from January to December – lots of advice for planning activities for children and writing risk assessments - £3.99.


56 - Preparing for your registration visit - information and advice for newly registering childminders - including a walk-through of the questions in Ofsted's ‘Preparing for your registration visit’ document - £4.99.


57 - Child protection and safeguarding - Comprehensive child protection and safeguarding information to help you meet the requirements of the EYFS - £3.99.


59 - Characteristics of Effective Learning - The characteristics are important in the revised EYFS - they focus on how a child learns - £3.99


60 - Working with parents - There is a big focus on working with parents to support children's learning and development and parents must be involved in every aspect of your provision - £4.99


63 - Pre-inspection checklist - Ofsted - A number of childminders have asked me to write this e-book - it covers essential and guidance documentation and lots of other information and advice about your Ofsted inspection - £3.99


64 - Summary reports - It is important that you show each EYFS aged child is making good progress towards the Early Learning Goals of the EYFS. Summary reports are one way of doing this - £3.99


65 - Next steps planning - Individual / next steps / PLODS planning is used to enhance outcomes for children and show how children's individual and unique needs are met in a group environment. I have given lots of examples of good practice and sample forms - £3.99


66 - Working with funded 2 year olds - a guide to some of the things you will need to consider if you intend offering the 2 year old funded sessions - £3.99


67 - Ofsted inspections (from Nov 2013) - Ofsted have published new early years inspection guidance (Dec 2013 - doc 120087). I have worked through it to support childminders who are preparing for their inspections. 2 chapters - £4.99 


68 – Self assessment – Scotland - ideas and information to help childminders complete the revised SAF. Written with input from an established Scottish childminder. 2 chapters - £4.99 

More illustrated e-books for sale from Knutsford Childminding!

IEB 2 - Illustrated Weather planning - There are 10 chapters full of weather planning, pictures, activity ideas, displays and much more in this illustrated e-book.  I have also included a non-illustrated mini e-book weather planning theme. All the activity ideas follow the EYFS areas of learning and development - £7.99


IEB 4 - Illustrated Emotions planning - This illustrated e-book is a very powerful tool when supporting pre-school and school age children with their emotions and feelings. It contains emotions hamsters, illustrated by Sarah.  These are cuddly little animals who feel just like the children when they are sad, happy and excited etc and all the children we have used them with relate to them immediately - £7.99


IEB 6 - Illustrated Shapes planning - This 9 chapter resource is full of pictures and activity ideas to teach interested children all about shapes.  Sarah our illustrator has drawn some cute shape people which will bring a shape project alive for the children - £7.99


IEB 7 - Illustrated Number planning - This e-book will help you to offer high quality number activities to children and to put up displays which will ensure they play in a number rich environment - £7.99


IEB 8 - Illustrated Alphabet planning - The children will love Sarah’s illustrated alphabet… and the fun dot to dots which use her pictures… and you will love the activity ideas for each letter of the alphabet which will make your planning much easier - £7.99


IEB 10 - Nature projects - Over the last few years I have done a number of nature projects with children of all ages including butterflies, ant farm, wormery, planting and growing sunflowers.  I have used photos in my own project display books… but Sarah has kindly illustrated them for me so that I can share them with you! You will find lots of ideas for putting together a nature project of your own and lots of inspiration for involving the children - £7.99


My e-books, mini e-books and illustrated e-books are available on my Knutsford Childminding website (follow the link!). If you have any problems please  email me  for more help and support.


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