Start up costs

When you are first starting out you will naturally incur expenses to get up and running and to help you comply with Ofsted requirements. You must record them in your expenses book. Your list might include –

·         Accident / incident book;

·         Advertising costs – see my advertising page for more advice;

·         Alarms or extra locks for your internal and external doors;

·         Application / registration fee to Ofsted;

·         Boxes in which to store toys and other resources;

·         Buggies;

·         Car seats – I would hold off buying these until you know what children you are taking on and do not ever buy second hand in case they have been involved in an accident;

·         Cash book to record your income / expenses;

·         Childminding toolkit – from your insurance company. This might be provided as part of your start-up grant, if you are eligible for one;

·         Contracts and other paperwork printing costs (paper and ink);

·         Doors - cost of moving locks on doors and making good;

·         Drain covers to make your outside area safe;

·         Fencing and gates required by Ofsted to make the garden safe;

·         Fire blanket which must be sited in the kitchen;

·         Fireguard which must be attached to the wall;

·         First Aid box and contents – one for the house and a smaller one for in the car and taking on every outing as required by the EYFS;

.         High chairs / booster seats for your table;

·         Inclusion – changes you might need to make to ensure your home is inclusive to parents and children who might request your services;

·         Insurance – NCMA  or Morton Michel;

·         Multicultural / diversity resources;

·         Padlocks for garden gates;

·         Play equipment (indoor and out) incl books and drawing supplies suitable for the age of children to be minded;

·         Receipt book;

·         Reins or wrist straps so you can take children out safely;

·         Shelving – to display toys, appropriate for and easily accessible by the minded children;

·         Required safety equipment such as cupboard locks. There has been a lot of debate recently about the safety of socket covers. I suggest you ask your Ofsted inspector during your pre-registration visit if you are concerned;

·         Stair gates to protect children from injury at the bottom and top of your stairs;

·         Stair rail covers – if yours are considered to be too far apart, you might have to cover them up;

·         Sticky plastic on low glass in doors;

·         Travel to essential courses such as first aid;

·         Warning stickers on patio doors and other expanses of glass... etc.