Risk assess outings

The Eyfs says you must risk assess all types of outings. These might include...

·         Ball pools at local pubs;

·         Cafe;

·         Car or other method of transport eg train, tram, bus etc;

·         Childminding group;

·         Church or other group meeting place;

·         Community centre;

·         Crèche if you take children to one;

·         Dentists surgery – if you take children with you;

·         Doctors surgery or health centre – if you take children with you;

·         Duck pond;

·         Emergency contact details that must be taken on all outings;

·         First aid kit that must be taken on all outings;

·         Friends houses;

·         Leisure centre (getting there) and a separate one for swimming etc;

·         Library;

·         Medication that might be needed to be taken on outings;

·         Paperwork on outings;

·         Park;

·         Playground;

·         School, nursery and / or playgroup – one for each;

·         Shops – local and further afield; specific shops eg Ikea, Tesco;

·         Singing groups – one for each;

·         Smoking and smoky atmospheres;

·         Special outings eg farms, play areas etc;

·         Toddler groups – one for each;

·         Toilet / nappy changing;

·         Walking.

With all outings risk assessments, it is always worth checking on the venue's website to see if there is a risk assessment already in place. You can put it in your files and just do a quick one for the journey yourself.