EYFS Permissions from parents

Permissions and the EYFS

To start your form, you need to note the name of the child, his date of birth and the name of the parent / guardian. Then you need to make a statement which says why you are asking parents to give their permission.

It is also good practice to say to parents that they have the choice to refuse to agree to any of the permissions… however, if they do not agree and refuse to sign, there may be certain circumstances under which you are not legally able to work with their child. This covers instances where, for example, a parent might not want you to take their child outside or in your car… and you have 3 school runs every day!

You can set your form out in whatever way you find easiest.

I understand that my childminder…

·         Will carry emergency information when on outings, including permission to seek emergency medical assistance or treatment for my child;

·         Will share emergency information with emergency contacts if necessary;

·         Will apply sun cream / lotion of factor 25+ provided by me and labelled with my child’s name. I understand that, for the health of my child, my childminder may apply her own sun cream (factor 30+, hypoallergenic);

·         Will support my child with tooth brushing after lunch;

·         Will leave my child to sleep in a buggy rather than transferring to a bed if she believes it is in the best interests of my child to do so. I have been advised that the buggy will always be in the house, on lie back and my child will always be supervised;

·         Will administer First Aid (as trained) including hypoallergenic dressings to my child;

·         Will use baby wipes (hypoallergenic, fragrance free) on my child.

·         Will encourage my child to go outside every day except in dangerous weather;

·         Will take my child on regular outings by car, pushchair, bus, taxi, train or walking to fulfil the statutory requirements of the EYFS;

·         Will, in the event of an emergency, leave my child in the care of xxx (another childminder or suitable emergency contact). I give permission for my contact details to be passed to them and understand they will ring me as quickly as possible to collect my child;

.         Will, if necessary (after nappy explosions, dirty play etc) bathe my child;

·         Will not allow my child to be collected by people not listed by me on the Childminding Contract, without prior written permission. I also understand that if my childminder does not know the person, she will ring me for confirmation and may request a password.

·         Will take my child on supervised outings to eg the park and duck pond, toddler groups, picnics, to and from Nursery or School, the Children’s Centre, meetings and outings with friends, lunch in a café, trips to local towns, shopping etc, with or without my prior knowledge;

·         Will make written and photographic observations of my child to produce a ‘Learning Journey’ or ‘Memories’ booklet as she has to do this to fulfil the statutory requirements of the EYFS. I understand that these books and any photographs taken for use in the books will remain my property;

·         Will let my child have supervised access to large play equipment in playgrounds, ball parks, the garden etc.

·         Will make contact with any other settings and /or agencies or professionals involved in my child’s care, so the EYFS can be fully implemented.


The final section contains statements rather than permissions.  You could start this section with… ‘I have read and understand the following and agree with what is written’…

·         If my childminder suspects my child may be abused or neglected, she has a duty of care to inform the appropriate agencies including the Local Safeguarding Children Board, her insurance company and Ofsted;

·         My childminder has a no smacking policy and I will respect this while on the premises;

·         My childminder has a  no smoking policy and I will respect this while on the premises;

·         My childminder has shown me the latest medical exclusion information and explained that she cannot take care of ill children. I am also aware that there is a statutory 48 hour Govt exclusion period for diarrhoea and sickness;

·         My childminder has explained the healthy living ethos of the setting, including menus;

·         My childminder has explained to me how to make a complaint and where the Ofsted complaints poster is sited;

·         I have seen my childminder’s latest Ofsted report;

·         My childminder has shared her risk assessments folder, including risk assessments for all types of outings with me and I am happy with the contents;

·         My childminder has been through my child’s daily routines including nappy / toileting needs and sleeping arrangements and I am commit to keeping her updated should things change in the future.

Please note – parents also need to sign here to confirm they have read and understood your policies and procedures and agree with their contents.

Leave space at the end for signatures by you and the parents.

I have talked about different paperwork you might need for the EYFS in my e-book 27, Paperwork, which is available from my website.