Attendance registers

Here are some important notes about attendance registers...

o    Each child needs their own attendance sheet - not shared for confidentiality;

o    Use the child's full name;

o    Date of birth is good practice as this shows at a glance the age of the child at the time. This is in case of queries or allegations in the future;

o    You must write exact time in and out - not approximate or rounded. The register is not about your invoicing, it is about keeping children safe;

o    It is good practice to have a clock by the register and either...ask parents to sign children in and out or ...let them see you signing their child in and out;

o    If you drop off at nursery or playgroup and the times vary, look at your watch and fill it in when you get back. Otherwise state the time the doors opened;

o    It is good practice for parents to sign your register, either weekly or monthly, but this is not a requirement;

o    Some childminders ask parents to sign as proof of payment at the end of the month. This is an ideal time to chat with parents about their child’s learning and development and mention some positives and achievements;

o    If you have parents who question your timing, get them to fill it in themselves each day;

o    Each sheet can cover a week or a month, it depends on what suits you best, but remember you need to keep them for 21 years for insurance purposes, so consider the amount of paper you are using;

o    It doesn't matter what the attendance record looks like... it can be photocopied, home made, provided by someone else etc so long as it fulfils all the other criteria above;

o    As I have already said, keep for 21 years for insurance purposes. This is just in case a 19 year old decides to sue you for something that happened 16 years ago. You will be able to show whether the child was with you at the time and as it will be linked to other essential paperwork, you will be able to note whether you had concerns etc.