Welcome to my website - EYFS for childminders

Hello!  My name is Sarah Neville. 

I have been working as a registered childminder for over 20 years and I was graded outstanding by Ofsted in 2008 - 2011 and 2016!

I am committed to supporting all childminders to make the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) work for them.

I believe that the EYFS is an excellent tool if it is used the way it was intended. The EYFS requirements are easy to understand and mostly clear in their aims. The Early Years Outcomes guidance document is helpful for making sure your practice is the best it can be and the EYFS Self Evaluation Form (SEF) is a useful tool for evaluating your provision.

I have been writing e-books to help and support childminders for many years and I have many thousands of satisfied customers.

I also offer support to childminders via my website and blog and as a moderator on the childminding forum because I want to help all childminders make the EYFS a success!


The aims of this website...

My main aim is to help other childminders get to grips with the EYFS and make time for the important things in life ... like building train tracks and taking the teddies for a walk round the garden. I believe the keys to being a successful Childminder are -

- Having an incredibly supportive family around you;

- Putting paperwork systems in place so you are organised;

- Prioritising children's play above everything else;

- Occasionally ignoring the washing up (good delegation skills help if you have older children);

- Having fun and building a strong network around you so you are not isolated.